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I can’t get leinie’s where i live. Can i have it directly shipped to me from the brewery? Help!

Sorry, we cannot ship Leinie’s directly to customers. Federal and state laws require that we sell our beer-to-beer distributors, who in turn can sell the beer to the retail stores where customers can buy it. We’ve brewed Leinenkugel’s® for almost 150 years and we plan to continue brewing up here in the Northwoods for many generations to come.

Where can i find leinenkugel’s®?

We hope you can find Leinenkugel’s® in your refrigerator! But all kidding aside, your local MillerCoors distributor can tell you if Leinie’s can be found in your neck of the woods as our beers are distributed nationally. Check out our Beer Locator on Leinie.com.

Does leinenkugel’s® brew a non-alcoholic beer?

We currently do not have any plans to brew any non-alcoholic products.

I heard you have a special “club” for people who love leinie’s. What’s it called and how do i become a member?

The Leinie Lodge is a fellowship of men and women who are 21 or older and love and appreciate the outdoors almost as much as they love and appreciate Leinenkugel’s®. It’s the Northwoods in a chilled bottle, can or keg that you can tap into any time and any place where Leinie’s is served. With your completely free membership, you’ll receive our monthly email newsletter, The Legend, and get access to great offers and notifications of special events throughout the year. Go to the Leinie Lodge section or call 1-888-LEINIES (1-888-534-6437) and tell the folks at the Leinie Lodge that you wish to be a member. So, start the membership process and remember, once you’re a member of the Leinie Lodge you’ll never lodge a complaint! Must be 21+ to join.

How many brands of beer does leinenkugel’s® brew?

We’ve tried hard to encourage folks to discover the refreshing world of beer for almost 150 years. We know one beer can’t fit the taste preferences of all people. But we do believe there’s a beer style for everyone’s enjoyment! The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company® brews many year-round and seasonal brands of beer that reflect The Flavor of the Northwoods®. Check out the beers section of the website to find out what we currently have on tap.

I live in the upper midwest and can’t find leinie’s light. What’s the deal?

Leinenkugel’s® Light is currently only available in select areas within Wisconsin and Minnesota. So if you want to enjoy a Leinie Light and live outside WI and MN, come visit us at the Lodge in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, for a sample.

Does your beer have an expiration date?

Yes, we do. It’s the “pull date” – which represents the suggested date the beer should be enjoyed by and is still at its freshest. This date is located in the neck area of your Leinie bottle. The pull date is the first of two lines of type and is always in the following format: MM/DD/YY, which represents the Month/Day/Year. The second line represents the day of the week (A for Monday, B for Tuesday and so on) - followed by the Brewery Code. “01” is Milwaukee, WI, “04” is Forth Worth, TX, “20” is Chippewa Falls and “21” is Leinenkugel’s® 10th Street Brewery. The next two numbers are the line number and the following four numbers represent the military time code that the beer was actually bottled/canned, so “1056” is 10:56 a.m. and “2233” is 10:33 p.m. All beer is best when it’s fresh. If your pull date is a few months away, you know you have a pretty fresh brew.

Why don’t you sell all your beers in cans?

The majority of beer drinkers prefer bottled or tapped beer, which could change in the future, but hasn’t yet.

What does “crafted” mean?

It’s used to describe a brewing attitude where the art of brewing is practiced, along with the use of select malts, hops and yeasts.

What does the stein on the side of your leinenkugel’s® beer labels mean?

The stein on the side of our Leinie beer labels indicates the beer inside is over 3.2% alcohol by volume.

What happened to leinenkugel’s® northwoods lager, amber light, autumn gold, winter lager, creamy draft, auburn ale, maple brown lager, apple spice, and the regular leinenkugel’s® bock?

We constantly look at our family of brews to determine the best mix to satisfy our loyal Leinie fans. We know that everybody has a favorite beer. (The challenge is how many different styles can the physical brewery brew in a given amount of time to quench the taste preferences of the market.) Sometimes we have to make a tough choice to hibernate a certain beer in order to be keep up with the demands of some of our most popular beers such as Leinenkugel’s® Summer Shandy, Grapefruit Shandy and our array of seasonal beers.

Can you give me the quick history of leinenkugel’s®?

Leinenkugel’s® is the nation’s 7th oldest operating brewery. It has a rich history, which began when brewer Matthias Leinenkugel brought his family over to the United States from Germany in the 1840s. The family continued to travel west and finally settled in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Matthias taught his sons the art of brewing. It was his third son, Jacob, who traveled north to Chippewa Falls. Jacob felt sure the thirsty lumberjacks and lumber-booming economy of Northwestern Wisconsin made Chippewa the ideal location to begin his own brewery. In 1867 Jacob began brewing. For almost 150 years and six generations, the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company® has survived and continues to prosper through commitment to their founder’s ideals of brewing and operating with excellence. Having survived Prohibition, the economic demands of World War II, and fierce competition, Leinenkugel’s® has remained a prominent brewer in the Upper Midwest. In addition to our year-round offerings such as Leinenkugel’s® Honey Weiss, Berry Weiss, Sunset Wheat, and Original, we also brew seasonal beers such as Oktoberfest and Summer Shandy.

How many breweries does leinenkugel’s® have?

The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company® now brews in three locations. Our award-winning beers are still crafted at our original 150-year-old brewery in Chippewa Falls and at our 10th Street Brewery in downtown Milwaukee. We also recently started brewing in Ft. Worth, our landfill-free brewery in Texas, all to help keep up with the growing demand for Leinenkugel’s®.

Tell me about leinenkugel’s® advertising.

Leinenkugel’s® is all about great-tasting beer brewed for almost 150 years in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. If you love the outdoors, high-quality full-flavored beers, traditions and the simple things in life, you’ll identify with Leinenkugel’s® advertising. If you have a witty, Northwoods sense of humor, you’ll love Leinie’s ads almost as much as the beers. Leinenkugel’s® utilizes radio, outdoor, print, sampling and word-of-mouth to reach the beer enthusiasts throughout the country.

I have diabetes. Is it okay for me to drink leinenkugel’s® beers?

We suggest you contact your doctor for advice specific to your health.

What is the fat content of leinie’s brews?

Leinenkugel’s® beers contain zero fat. Fiber content is very small in most beers because the grains used in brewing are filtered out before bottling, canning or kegging. There are some unfiltered brews, like Hefeweizen, that contain more fiber.

Why do you have a native american symbol on the side of your beer labels?

The Native American graphic was intended to pay tribute to the Santee Sioux and Ojibway tribes of Chippewa Falls, WI, the place where Leinenkugel’s® has been brewed for over 153 years. In the coming months and continuing through 2021, Leinenkugel’s will begin to replace this creative with new imagery, that pays tribute to the brewery’s home in a new, reimagined way.