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For close to 155 years we’ve stayed true to Jacob Leinenkugel’s vision for combining the German brewing traditions of his homeland with the innovative spirit of his new home in Wisconsin. Today you’ll find that spirit alive and well inside our wide range of German-inspired beers. From Shandy to IPAs, Weiss to Bocks, Spritzens to Helles, we’ve got a beer to flavor any moment.

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The Leinie’s Lodge is the central hub of all happenings and get-togethers for Leinie’s drinkers. It’s located directly across the river from our Leinenkugel’s Brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. So come stop by to sample new beers, shop beer gear, and see 155 years of brewing history.

  • 323,011 Brew Mixes
  • 105,654 Guests at the Leinie Lodge
  • 16,798 Paws on the patio

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  • The only berry you can pick up all year round.
  • A good friend offers to bring a side for Thanksgiving dinner. A best friend walks in with a Lodge Pack 🍻
  • Here for the beer 👆
  • POV your Red Lager is overflowing with caramel flavor 🤤
  • We can taste the Juicy Peach waiting at the end of the trailhead 🤤 #NationalHikingDay
  • An hour so good it has its own day 🍻#NationalHappyHourDay
  • Anyone got a campfire story for us? Bonus points if it’s juicy 🍑 

  • An extra hour of happy hour? We’ll take it 🌅

📸: @adventures.and.ales
  • Fall colors 🤝fall beers
  • The only thing scarier than an empty beer is…another empty beer 🎃
  • Only thing we’re pickin’ up at the pumpkin patch is this case of Red Lager 👆
  • Our Fall & Winter Lodge Pack is back for the season! 🍂

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