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For close to 155 years we’ve stayed true to Jacob Leinenkugel’s vision for combining the German brewing traditions of his homeland with the innovative spirit of his new home in Wisconsin. Today you’ll find that spirit alive and well inside our wide range of German-inspired beers. From Shandy to IPAs, Weiss to Bocks, Spritzens to Helles, we’ve got a beer to flavor any moment.

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The Leinie’s Lodge is the central hub of all happenings and get-togethers for Leinie’s drinkers. It’s located directly across the river from our Leinenkugel’s Brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. So come stop by to sample new beers, shop beer gear, and see 155 years of brewing history.

  • 323,011 Brew Mixes
  • 105,654 Guests at the Leinie Lodge
  • 16,798 Paws on the patio

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  • We’re taking you down memory lane for #NationalRepealDay, so kick back with a Leinenkugel’s and swipe to learn how the family stayed in business during the prohibition era.
  • Tackling this can of Toasted Bock while the team tackles the ball 🏈

📷: @zwisniewski
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  • Life inside a snow globe always has Chocolate Dunkel ❄️
  • The only thing we’re bringing to the table tonight 🍻
  • We’re drooling over this juicy treat, too 🍑

  • I mean, what else would be in the mug? 😋
  • Will hike for beer 🍻#NationalHikingDay
  • From our family of Veterans to yours, raise your Leinenkugel's extra high today and join us as we honor those who served our country. #VeteransDay

📷: @ArkBoSox, @dickleinie
  • The perfect pair 🍻
  • Fall adventures with a Leinenkugel's of course 🍺
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